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Choosing a Rime Arodaky wedding dress, a glamorous and sophisticated look

First of all a bit of history, who is Rime, what is his style?

Rime Arodaky created her House in 2011 in the heart of Paris, her hometown. She is for women who challenge the status quo and believe in empowering them. Inspired by icons of the 70s like Jane Birkin and Romy Schneider, but also designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Azzedine Alaïa, Rime Arodaky wanted to challenge the innocent image of the bride and make it more fatal and rock, through more unique cuts. Scruffy hair, without bouquets, barefoot, wild…

The Rime Arodaky bride is rock’n roll and sophisticated.

Which morphology to wear Rime Arodaky dresses well?

The vast majority of Rime dresses are sheath or mermaid dresses. They highlight feminine curves but beware, this does not mean that only sizes 34 and 36 are authorized to wear them. Rather, it means that these dresses look great on women who have nice curves, buttocks, sagging backs, breasts and aren't afraid to ride them. The dresses often have deep necklines and or dizzying bare backs, they hug the woman's body to sublimate it. However, we do not recommend wearing the brand's dresses for sizes above 44.

What are Rime Arodaky's tips for choosing the right wedding dress?

In her interview with Grazia, the designer gives us some valuable advice:

1/ Start from your body, your silhouette and try on several models to see what suits you best. There are dresses that on paper we like a lot but once worn, will absolutely not enhance us.

2/ Know your style: feel yourself for this special day and not in a festive costume for Carnival. What is his style, what do we really like?

3/ Be consistent with the style of ceremony you choose. If you get married at the beach you will not choose a princess dress and in a castle you will give up the chic hippie dress.

4/ Take your age into account: whether you get married at 20 or 30, you may not have such an assertive look. 5/ Leave the door open to favorites.

What are the values ​​of the designer Rime Arodaky?

The Rime Arodaky house asserts its French know-how. Lace, macramé, embroidered tulle, gazar, crepes and muslin are the emblematic fabrics of the House. Chosen from French or Italian suppliers by Rime Arodaky and her team, their fit is unique. All her wedding dresses are made in France.

Concerned about the environment and in love with animals, Rime Arodaky does not use any materials from or tested on animals to make her wedding dresses; it only works with "cruelty free" suppliers.

Rime Arodaky is committed to eco-responsible production through:

• her choice of materials which are all of natural origin (silk, cotton lace etc, vegetable fibers), and his desire to remain in a traditional confection

• her desire to maintain artisanal production, the last bastion of French haute couture workshops

• her partnership with the eco-responsible outlet Le Dressing Club so that all the dresses made are used


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